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1. No Crowds Unlike train travel, a resort or cruise vacation, you will not come into close contact with large numbers of travellers. Whether you are sitting down for a delicious dinner, enjoying a thrilling game drive or even transferring between camps, social distancing is inherent in the African bush. Safari camps and lodges are […]
Uganda Travel Tips There’s nothing like up-to-date, relevant travel information direct from the experts – Karumuna Safaris’ essential Uganda travel tips before you go. Money & Spending Uganda’s unit of currency is the Uganda Shilling and you’d be advised to get some on arrival as it is far easier to buy drinks, curios and meals […]
Kenya Kenya is a wonderful African safari destination for seniors. We do, however, recommend opting for a fly-in itinerary, as distances between safari areas are large and road transfers can get rather long and uncomfortable. If you are mobile enough to step onto and off small airplanes, flying between camps and lodges will offer a […]
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