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Karumuna safaris is a thorough air ticketing agency with the required skills and knowledge about aviation systems, we are lawfully authorized to issue air tickets for all federal airlines across all global borders. Courteous airline ticketing agency that routinely exceeds passenger expectations in a consistently fast-paced environment while maintaining quality standards. Skilled at securing passengers’ reservations, and effective handling assortment of booking issues. Specializes in database management and customer relations.


·         Certified on all industry-standard software platforms

·         Excellent customer service and negotiation skills

·         Always maintain a professional demeanor

·         Exceptional strong organization skills

·         Very well-versed in all federal airline laws

Karumuna safaris is eligible to identify potential passenger problems during check-in and onboard, for this, we give out advisory support to passengers,s and where necessary remedies are carried on.

We specialize in charter and commercial flights.

Our core values

·         Solid understanding of international air transport association regulations

·         Proficient in common airline booking software and database management

·         Comprehensive experience with handling multiple booking issues

·         Capable of working multiple shifts including evening and weekends

·         Able to meet tight booking deadlines in a timely manner

·         Good communications and problem-solving skills

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