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Discover the source of the Nile

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Discover the source of the Nile

On August 3rd 1858 John Hannington Speke from Britain discovered the hidden secrete of the jungle on the shores of lake Victoria in Jinja, Uganda, John Speke out of ultimate experience experience named the placesource of the nile.


The source of the Nile serves excitement experience to it visitors beyond its historical attachment, that is swimming, spot fishing, bungee jumping, beach rafting, and its also known for a variety of bird species such as the giant black and white fish eagle, red faced woodland, blue breasted king fisher, nicator, blue headed sun bill and many more. There is also a large collection of local communities offering  friendly engagements which can entirely make your trip unforgettable. Close to the source of the Nile, there is also availability of well stalked and good conditioned amnesties which provide quality hospitality and tourism services (lodges and hotels ).

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Welcome to Uganda

Uganda has just peacefully emerged out of the 2016 elections and is now returning to normal business. This promises to be a very exciting year for  tourism holiday safaris in Uganda as tourism is becoming a major contributor to the Ugandan economy. Watch out for incentives like permit cost reductions and other benefits that will make Uganda an even more attractive as a tourism destination.

We are going to see the expansion of touring and sightseeing opportunities as security and the road network improves all over the  country, some of the most attractive remote national Parks and game reserves like Kidepo are now readily accessible and the accommodation infrastructure has greatly improved.

Uganda has great tarmac road access to the Muhabura Gorilla National Park, winding through some of the most naturally sculptured places on earth – called the Switzerland of Africa. The growth of the tourism Safari sector has given rise to associated industries in arts and crafts, garments and local traditional entertainment groups are already giving a lot of colour  to the Safari experience, therefore  prepare to enjoy life the African way!

Karumuna Safaris would like to request you to be become our partner if you are not yet one already, we are prepared to deliver a memorable Uganda experience at the most affordable rates in the industry as we steadily grow towards becoming the Top Safari services provider. We are conscious that every Safari choice to Africa, especially Uganda is deliberate - and my! Oh my! Whoever has come to Uganda has been shocked at what has come to be known in the Safari fraternity as the most well kept secret. Uganda is totally outstanding as you will find out when you visit here.


Karumuna Safaris having enjoyed a wonderful year of 2015 is now more than ready to even do better for those who will throw their dice for us. We hold dear your choice as this is the reason we exist. We pay very close attention to detail and are determined to leave nothing to chance, every new client in the past year has educated us on the unique demands of our visitors thus enriching our Safari menu. Besides, there are no limits to what we will do to ensure your enjoyment as we know that the time you spend with us determines Karumana Safaris' destiny as a competitive service provider.

Karumuna Safaris is preparing a total revolution of the tourism experience by deepening the knowledge of our visitors of the African situation. Our staff is comprised of people who have come to accept themselves as custodians of this rich heritage, and are aware that these fragile gifts of nature can only be preserved in partnership with our visitors - who provide invaluable resources  the wild life conservation effort and global warming reduction.

What should you expect from Karumuna Safaris in 2016

i.                We are arranging richer but more affordable holiday packages for our clients with more community activities.

ii.               We have already expanded access to the remotest parts of Uganda to include the exquiste Kidepo National Park – a true African wilderness and the hitherto the special Game Reserves within the vicinity.

iii.               East Africa has instituted a one VISA policy whose benefits we are going to make available to our clients.

iv.              Karumuna Safaris is expanding and improving its fleet of vehicles to offer the very best in the market.

v.               We have created partnerships with accommodation service providers for  very competitive rates for the holiday while also investigating the opportunity of people opening up their homes for community lodgings. In the near future you will enjoy luxury lodgings at very affordable rates.

vi.              We have arranged to have extra activities for our clients as time may permit, therefore be ready for pleasant surprises including cultural dances , music galas-and youth entertainments. With the recent papal visit, Uganda has risen to first class status as the destination of choice for religious tourism, courtesy of the mighty Uganda Martyrs Shrine at Namugongo where you will see the giant conical cathedral unique in every way.

vii.             Uganda has an underutilized water resource for water sports and sightseeing, the beaches and river sides will be prominent in our promotions for safari, to soothe the sometimes hot weather.

viii.             We will maintain the open policy of negotiable  rates, so that we can  tailor your safari holiday to your time and financial resources.  Karumuna Safaris would like to see a sharp increase of visitors to Uganda, to increase the goodwill ambassadors of this sunshine country.











A Baby Elephant finds company among Zebras and Water bucks

Energized by the positive reviews from our visitors,  Karumuna Safaris is determined build on this humble success to do even better to serve our clients and promote the wonderful tourism sector in Uganda. Be assured every minute spent in Uganda will be well spent because you will enjoy limitless out of door experience night or day. Indeed you can even choose to camp in some National parks and engage in star gazing on a starry night. Some creative people have taken up full moon celebrations in which if you may be fortunate to participate.


We foresee Karumuna Safaris championing the tourism industry in Uganda, a feat that can only be achieved with your continued support  and recruitment of  new partners in 2016. This is one of the biggest ways of preserving our precious environment and stopping the impact of global warming.

Your continued participation in tourism and wildlife safari directly influences policy choices of governments as you might be aware that most of the attractions of Uganda are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Every tourist directly contributes to the survival of endangered species like the mountain Gorilla or the White Rhino, the rise in enthusiasm for birding has seen a rise in concern for habitat conservation. The Mabamba swamps of Entebbe Uganda are now protected sites just because of the little population of Shoe Bill Storks that inhabits this swamp. The Shoe Bill Stork is an indispensable item for visitors to Uganda.


Chimpanzees in Entebbe Wildlife centre

The very survival of our rich cultural heritage has its future tethered to tourism as we see cultural entertainment groups taking up the challenge of receiving and keeping our guest informed of the essence of Ugandan Culture. This marketing of what is good about Uganda has drawn interest from the youth who see limitless employment opportunities created with very little capital input. Thus we see that rather than taking from us, the tourism Safari is restoring to us what was almost getting lost in the face of modernization.

With this background it is clear that this heritage is co-owned  and we are only fortunate to  be humble custodians for the common good of all humanity. It is always a pleasant surprise to those who visit Africa for the first time to learn that Africa is comparatively more pleasant that many places on earth - indeed the African joyful spirit is fueled by the great climate that most of the continent enjoys.

Your contribution will not go unnoticed by  Karumuna Safaris as you become our partner and family for life – keep in mind that in Africa we use cousin sparingly, Karumuna means beloved brother in our Rukiga language, Please contact Richard Kisembo on +256781243167 to arrange your Safari. May you have a year of Blessings.









Mr. Richard Kisembo

Managing Director of Karumuna Safaris                   

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Kibale forest national park has become the number one tourist safari attraction to Uganda the park Located about 23 km from Fort Portal town that is also the designated tourism/safari capital of Uganda by virtue of the natural endowments of the area; the town sits in the shadow of the mountains of the moon or the Rwenzoris, an impressive border barrier with the Democratic Republic of Congo that covers 120km at the base, it is arguably the biggest mountain complex in the region and one of the biggest in Africa. This area boasts intense volcanic activity that has given rise to so many crater lakes large and small. The fertile volcanic soils support the Kibale forest National Park that is considered to be the primate capital of the world chief among them the chimpanzees our closest relatives. The park is home to a total of 70 mammal species, most famously 13 species of primate including the chimpanzee.

b2ap3_thumbnail_chimps.jpg Chimpanzees attract a lot of attention because their behaviors are closely related to our own; for example members of the same family do not have sexual relations; indeed they live in distinct families headed by an Alpha male; juniors that may want to start a relationship are known to escape form the group in a kind of elopement. The Chimpanzees move all over the forest in search of food and when they find it they call one another by drumming, shouting and hooting. They also call out to one another when they sense danger. Anthropologists are always following Chimpanzee trying to make sense of our meaningful existence. Kibale forest is home to countless beautiful monkeys; the black and White Colobus monkeyb2ap3_thumbnail_white-monkey.jpg, red tailed monkey (this one can only be found in Kibale). The monkeys are vulnerable to attacks from Chimpanzees, which eat them to balance their dietary needs. Baboons are so abundant on the forest roads that they may go UN noticed. the red billed turaco Bird Enthusiasts have found Kibale to be their Paradise, in this branch of tourism Kibale has no equal, over 370 species birdsb2ap3_thumbnail_crane.jpg have been found dwelling in this wonderful forest, actually long before tourists began coming to Uganda, Migratory birds escaping the scourge of winter found a safe haven here in Kibale and they still do – they are known to come in November December. Egrets, turacos, pelicans, parrots, weaver birds fill the forest with music in the morning and the evening. Then generally the insects take over, butterflies display an extravagance of color making a the famous forest walk a most exciting experience. The crater lakes in the park however could be the main reason why the park is gaining eminence, for the romance it gives to the safari experience. These little gems dotted within the park area provide a serene collective area especially for the birds. Lake Nyamwirima which takes its name from the very dark water is suspected to be immensely deep.b2ap3_thumbnail_crater-lake-kyaninga.jpg Lake Nyabikere which takes its name from the large number of fogs in the area attracts the white egrets that mass in on the banks for a feast. The tour of the craters brings you to what is called the roof of the world a highly elevated ground that allows you a wonderful view of Fort Portal, Kasese and the Mountain area. Kibale Forest for vegetation enthusiasts should be your destination of choice, however even if you are not enthusiastic about vegetation there is bound to be a conversion when you visit Kibale Forest National Park, you will get to enjoy a variety of forest trees and undergrowth some blossoming into flowers that you will never see anywhere else. You realize that presence on a Safari holiday in this forest is part of the reason this forest will survive the effects of man.


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