Summer country: Uganda avails you a great opportunity for a rewarding outdoor holiday experience in a bright all year equatorial summer, sometimes with interruptions of a pleasant thunderstorm but the temperatures will always be forgiving. Until you climb higher into the misty dwellings of the Mountain Gorillas in the South Western Uganda highlands of Bwindi Impenetrable and Muhabura forest reserves; there temperatures sometimes drop to single digit figures.

Cultural Centres: Uganda has a very rich cultural diversity as already alluded to above. We have the world famous Namugongo Uganda Martyrs Shrine where more than 70 youths of different faiths stood up for their faith and burnt to death and the command of the King. The restoration of ancient kingdoms of Uganda has revived a deep tribal pride in the cultures and customs of the people, some places like the Kasubi tombs have been recognized as United Nations cultural sites. While here you can enjoy colorful dances and were possible participate. Taste local brews and recipes learning ancient methods of survival.

Fresh Water: Uganda enjoys a lot of fresh water bodies, chief of which is Lake Victoria, the source of the mighty Nile river. The abundance of water contributes to the pervading lush greenery in most of Uganda, papyrus swamps run along most of the roads in South and Central Uganda making a home for rich collections of birds and animals. Thick forests pick from the lowlands of the swamps where raised ground appears giving you more to see, birds, baboons, monkeys, squirrels, reptiles and mighty trees, lianas, flowers and fruits. A rich learning experience awaits you and the water is safe for swimming in specific places free from the dangers of hippos and crocodiles.

Water Sports: Visitors to Uganda can enjoy a lot of water sports, like white water rafting, swimming, boat rides, sports fishing and where grassy or sandy beaches abound sunbathing, beach football or volley ball can be enjoyed with interludes by roasted fresh fish and other niceties prepared at the water fronts.

Wildlife : Finally the Romance of Wild life cannot be over stated, the big land animals to be found in Uganda like the Giraffes, Elephants, Hippos, Buffalos, Zebra, Elands and the big Carnivores, like Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs, Hyenas accompanied by details of Porcupines, Ostriches, Shoe Bill Stork, Chimpanzees and Mountain Gorillas all set in a sometimes dreamy environment. The abundance of this broad remnant of animals serve to show the wealth of these lands, that in spite of the aggressive poaching and war, stocks of game still impress visitors to Uganda.

Food culture: Food on the Safari is part of the wholesome Ugandan Experience; all the food on the tourist circuits is fresh and organic, held together by a rich combination of fruits chief among those the famous pineapple and apple bananas. Uganda is the number one producer of Matooke a kind of a mildly starchy banana that is consumed cooked or steemed when it is still green. The taste of Matooke is difficult to describe but once one has been conditioned to eating matooke, it often takes first place on the plate. It’s low calorie value makes it ideal for weight watchers. Matooke is served with a variety of stews including, goat meat, beef, groundnut paste and beans, for fish lovers a great time awaits you, the rivers and lakes are teeming with Tilapia and the famous Nile Perch. The leafy vegetables like Doodo Amaranthus (African Spinach), Nakati a slightly bitter herb and Ntula(a type of egg plant) can make a vegetarians day. The mid-year rains and the end of year rains bring in a bounty of grasshoppers we call Nsenene, which is our equivalent of lobsters. Along with these delicacies for lovers of insect food, Termites or White ants (Enswa) provide great nourishment – raw or cooked. However if you are not adventurous in your eating content yourself with honey – Uganda is honey country. Our Pure Natural Honey is incomparably sweet fed by the tropical heat that makes concentrated nectars, to crown it all Oriental and Continental dishes can be enjoyed owing to the influx of Indian and Chinese Restaurateurs on the Local Scene.

Affordable Uganda Safari: In Uganda it is true that much can be achieved on your holiday including shopping for precious souvenirs without compromising on the quality of comfort say luxury and activities that you would like to engage in your Safaris. While here you can afford to be extravagant in your spending without feeling anxious about anything as long as Karumuna Safaris is by your side, to guide and share with you the secrets of enjoyment in Uganda.

Lion on safari in Uganda

Discover Uganda - 14 days

  • 5 National Parks
  • Gorilla & Chimps trekking
  • Game-drives and boat-cruises
  • Relax by Lake Bunyonyi

Gorilla trekking in Uganda

Gorilla trekking - 3 days

  • Walk in beautiful jungle
  • See the misty mountains of Bwindi
  • Meet Mountain Gorillas


Buffaloes on safari in Uganda

Gorillas & Savanna - 7 days

  • 3 National Parks
  • Gorilla trekking
  • Game-drive & boat-cruise
  • Relax by lake Bunyonyi

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